Advanced Greentech Solutions

Clean, safe water for all with our ionic cupric copper technology.

Better Results, Easy Application

Control TOC levels, unsafe DBPs and cyanobacteria in water treatment plants.

Prevention and Control

Kill bacteria and algae while enhancing plant growth and nutrient absorption.


Water Treatment

We offer fast and cost-effective water treatment products that fight and prevent algae, bacteria and micro-organisms. The result? Safe, clean water with no environmental impact.


Our proprietary ionic cupric copper technology helps you gain control of gases, odour and contamination in sewage and wastewater, landfills, manure manufacturing and food processing waste.


Our anti-microbial products are designed to help you increase yields, improve product quality, limit greenhouse gas emissions and reduce environmental impact of agricultural practices.

About AGS

At Advanced Greentech Solutions, our innovative water treatment solutions fight microbes, algae, bacteria and other pathogens. We use proprietary ionic cupric copper technology to target and control problematic microorganisms with minimal impact to ecosystem function, plant and animal life, and human health. Our research and development team designs products that are:

  • ● As powerful as they are safe
  • ● Environmentally-friendly
  • ● Cost effective

Easy to use, our algaecides are designed for water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas exploration and agriculture. Learn more about the industries we serve.