Farm Manure

Farm Manure

Reduce Odour, Limit Noxious Gases, and Prevent Manure From Solidifying


Working with farm manure comes with a host of challenges: noxious gas, manure solidification and excessive odour.

Aeris is an economical, easy-to-apply, safe-to-handle, self-mixing product for treating waste water, municipal sewage and manure. It is especially effective in commercial and industrial settling lagoons and slurries that are problematic due to noxious odour-forming bacterial activity.

Using our unique ionic cupric copper technology, Aeris kills dangerous pathogens in manure. It suppresses the anaerobic bacteria that produce noxious gases, leaving more room for BOD/COD-reducing bacteria to thrive. This shift in bacterial processes results in significant reductions of hydrogen sulphate, methane and ammonia. It also eliminates odour and stops waste from solidifying. As a result, manure becomes easier and safer to handle and store.

Use Aeris to:

  • Limit noxious gases such as hydrogen sulphate, methane and ammonia
  • Lower Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)
  • Reduce odour
  • Kill pathogens like E. Coli
  • Stop separation of waste for better handling
  • Reduce fly problems