Our solutions are based on our proprietary ionic cupric copper complexes that penetrate and kill bacteria, algae, fungi and viruses by interfering with their metabolic processes. The result? Clean, safe water you can feel good about.


Up to 420 times more active copper ions than traditional copper sulfate products, our formula is dynamic and robust. One litre of Pura-Fi treats 60,000 to 240,000 litres of water.

Treat Less

Our solution stays dissolved until assimilated by living algae, preventing re-infection and extending time between treatments.


Our products work in a variety of water conditions, including varying alkalinity (25-100 mg CO3/L) and pH (pH3-pH9) levels.


Evenly dispersing at 20 feet per hour, our solution leads to visible results within 24-48 hours.

Easy Application

Our liquid ionic cupric copper solutions spread rapidly without mixing. Simply inject or spray the solution in recommended dosages, then sit back and see the difference.


By killing only targeted organisms, our products will not pollute or cause bioaccumulation of chemicals in water or soil.


Less and smaller applications with no mechanical mixing or expensive equipment mean you save time and money.


Your guarantee that our products meet very stringent standards and have no health impacts when used as directed.